Beachbody Ultimate Reset - Day One

Today was day one of the Beachbody 21 Day Ultimate Reset.  It wasn't bad, although I have a headache, which is apparently normal.  I wasn't hungry, however, so that tells me that I am getting enough nutrients.  I also opted for the vegan version so I tried tempeh for the first time.  I just boiled it with some seasonings to soften it up and really quite liked it.  I can imagine that I would love it on a salad.  

For lunch I had a microgreens salad.  I used baby spring mix and put broccoli slaw on top with cucumbers, celery, bell pepper, tomatoes, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds.  I made a red wine vinaigrette dressing and by the time I was done it was a big salad.  Very yummy!  

This reminds me of doing hcg except you get to eat real food that tastes good.  I can see that my swelling is less at the end of today than it usually is, and that is pretty much what I am going for.  If I can see my kneecaps at the end of the day I consider it a good thing.  

Please note:  I am not doing this for vanity or because I am obsessed with losing weight.  On the contrary, for the past 8 months I have actually loved NOT dieting and instead just focusing on nutrient dense foods.  I am doing this so that I can see what effect it might have on my Chronic Veinous Insufficiency.  I would necessarily recommend this to just anyone, and I certainly wouldn't recommend it if you are only looking to lose weight.  This may help you lose a few pounds, but you could do the same thing in the same time frame eating clean and exercising.  That's just my take on it so far!

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