Beachbody Ultimate Reset - Preview

This isn't a promotion for the Ultimate Reset.  This is me starting the Ultimate Reset!  Tomorrow is my launch day, and for the next 21 days I will report on how I feel and what it is like.  I will probably do some video as well, just for fun.

The Ultimate Reset is not just a "cleanse".  It's a detox program designed to reset your system in 21 days.  My friend, coach, and mentor Barbara Christensen from Bijacoaching went through the program when it first came out, and since I talk to Barbara almost every day, I got an idea of just how powerful it is.  I have never done a cleanse of any kind, because I don't think they are generally a good idea, but after researching this program, I want to see what it will do for my CVI (Chronice Veinous Insufficience), and the residual Lymphedema.  

There are six different supplements that are taken throughout the program - some you take through the entire challenge, and some you only take during specific weeks.  Because I already eat mostly vegan, I don't necessarily expect a lot of weight loss.  Barbara and I eat the same way, and she lost 3 lbs., but look at her results.

I guess I need to take a before picture!  I wish I could run to the doctor and get all of my stats, but my last cholesterol was 170 (down from 187 in 2006, and the change I made was Shakeology), and that was BEFORE I started eating vegan/vegetarian.  My goal is to go into my next doctor appointment and have my cholesterol under 150 (and my weight under 150 as well!).  

A couple of weeks ago we had a call as part of the Sanity Health Challenge with Barbara, and she recommended doing this reset at least twice a year - beginning of summer and the beginning of January.  I went shopping yesterday for food, because you eat FOOD on this program, not lemonade.  The recipes look fantastic, because they are veggie-based, and I love veggies already.  And, they have a vegan option to follow!

Here we go!

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