Healthy Holiday Eating

Yesterday I indulged a bit.  I had ice cream!  It's been quite a while since I had ice cream, but what better day than a hot Independence Day?

Now the goal is to keep myself from indulging over the next couple of weeks while family is in town.  So easy to do!  

For BBQs I am planning on getting black bean burgers and keeping them on hand.
Cut up veggies and hummus instead of chips and salsa
Fresh fruit - especially watermelon
Bean, quinoa, and lentil salads with veggies
Berries and green smoothies
Shakeology (of course)

One of the principles that I teach in the Sanity Health Challenge is to take a look at your plate at events and see what you are putting on it.  Do you love all of the foods on there, or are you just filling up because it is being offered?  Are you going to leave the meal feeling satisfied or stuffed and uncomfortable? 

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