Turbofire Reviews - Week One

Turbofire Review - Week One

I decided to do week by week Turbofire reviews as I go through this 90 Day Turbofire Challenge. Turbofire is a combination of kickboxing, dance, and different choreography that keeps your heartrate up! It combines cardio, sculpting with bands, core work, and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). What is HIIT? Interval training is huge right now and very few exercise routines incorporate it. HIIT combines a warm up followed by 1-2 minutes of activity that is anaerobic when you are really pushing yourself and sucking wind. Then you take 1-2 minutes to recover. With Turbofire you repeat this a few times with different routines based on the length of the DVD. When you do HIIT, or high intensity training, you burn 9x more fat than just cardio. Combine that with weight training and resistance training and BAM! Results!

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If you are interested in a Turbofire/Les Mills Pump Combination Workout, click below!
Turbofire/Les Mills Pump Hybrid Schedule - Phase Two

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