When I Get Over Stuff

Today I had an epiphany about my Sanity Health Challenge.  For the past year or so it has been in a format that I didn't love and that was hard to manage.  I had to do a lot of training on how to use it.  For the past few months I have been trying to transfer it into a new format and have been HATING it because it meant rewriting a ton of stuff that took forever to write in the first place.  

Then I went to the Leadership retreat this past weekend and had to build a business in 12 hours, which included building a website extremely quickly.  Which led me to discover some tools that I didn't know existed in the web design program I love to use.  Today I started playing with it a bit and it was a big old lightbulb that went on when I realized what exactly I can do.  I mean, this is HUGE and even though the transfer is still going to be a lot of work, I am finally motivated again.  I also don't have to scrap all of the extra work I did.  Bonus.

I have to say that blood, sweat and tears has gone into this challenge.  Fetal position on the floor sucking my thumb type of stuff.  The program works when it is followed.  I have several people who have gone through it who were successful with losing weight.  The problem is that it just wasn't user friendly.  The new format is going to ROCK when it comes to user friendly. 

Hopefully it will be ready by January.  Beta testing now going on. :)

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  1. I love you! I love all your challenges and goals and informational blog posts and bright ideas and support groups and business ventures. You amaze me.