30 Days of Thanks - Day Six Virtual Friends

Several months ago I randomly added a friend on Facebook because we had so many mutual friends that I figured we would eventually meet.  I realize this sounds strange, except that it happens to me frequently.  I become someone's Facebook friend and then we meet at an event and suddenly we are talking regularly about our various interests.  That is what happened with Julie Muller, creator of Chicks Connect.  After our first call we just kept in touch and then I interviewed her for Salt Lake City Our City Radio and then one day we were just talking and decided that we know interesting and fascinating people all over and it sure would be fun to start a radio show where we could talk to them and about them.  We decided to call it Two Girls Who Talk About Stuff, because that is exactly what we are.  Last night we did our first show about our top 10 Holiday gifts that were created mostly by people we love.  It will be available later today.

Our goal isn't to make money doing this, although some of the people we have an affiliation with so if you buy their products we may make $0.75.  Our goal is just to have fun and talk to interesting entrepreneurs about what they do and why they do it.  We have no ambitions to be famous with it, and if it stops being fun we may stop doing it, but right now it is a great outlet for all of our ideas.

Julie and I have never met in person, and since she is driving around in an RV setting up Chicks Chapters all over the United States, I have no idea when I might meet her.  However, I know I will someday and it will be like seeing an old friend after years of absence.  I am grateful I clicked "Add Friend"!

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