My Dreamhouse

In a total shift from my usual discussion about health and wellness, I would like to bring to you...My Dreamhouse.  I am a rambler girl, having learned that owning a 3 story townhouse while pregnant was a nightmare.  After that experience I vowed that I would always live in a rambler, and other than a few deviations, I have stuck with that and continue to gravitate towards them.  That being said, I love this floorplan by Ivory Homes.  Love love love it.  It's called the Portofino and it is enormous, but I could host a lot of people at one time and since we tend to frequently have people staying with us, that would be an advantage. 

Click here to see the main floor.

I would have a few tweaks in mind, but I love that there would be a master bedroom and then a very large second bedroom for my mom to live in.  I would switch the stairs and laundry room, and would alter where the pantry, half bath and mud room are.  I see no need for that huge hallway as a waste of space. 

Click here to see the basement.

This would be a walkout basement and the kids would be downstairs.  I would put in two full baths and three bedrooms down there.  One for each kid and then a guest bedroom.  I would actually make the game room a huge office, with a door going into the storage room.  That would be our homeschool room as well. 

My only gripe is that there isn't a front porch, but I would probably build one onto the plan if I used an architect, and I would like a Craftsman styled house.  I want a front porch swing.   Someday!

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