Franco Cavaleri Discusses Soy Protein and Ocean Avenue Shakes

Franco Cavaleri Discusses Soy Protein and Ocean Avenue Shakes

Addressing the Soy Protein Confusion: Franco Cavaleri

We have been asked many times if we add soy protein to our Ocean Ave products:
WHEYBeyond has a Biological Value of (>130-135 BV).
WHEYBeyond SUPPORTS GLUTATHIONE saturation, soy proteins cannot.

In addition, research demonstrates that LONG TERM overuse of soy protein can interfere with thyroid function, so the immediate effects of its use may appear to be innocuous but long term use of soy protein could backfire on fat loss programs to contribute to thyroid insufficencies . 

It can contribute to that diet-rebound effect; that yo-yo dieting syndrome; and even more serious implications if a genetic predisposition for thyroid insufficiency exists in the user. This rebound is not necessarily just a function of the thyroid vulnerability. The estrogenic influence of the inherent isoflavones in soy can also contribute to adipose fat deposition and interfere with lean muscle tone. Research shows that adipose fat tissue has aromatase activity. 

This means it converts testosterone in men into estrogen feminising men and contributing to all kinds of estrogen-related health risks; even performance insufficiencies including libido impediments. It also means that the incremental adipose (visceral) fat in women can escalate the risk for estrogen-induced cancers. Eliminating unnecessary fat from the body is a critical health objective. 

The patent pending WHEY protein in WHEYBeyond and WHEYSmart with its high biological value; induction of appetite suppressing cholecystokinin; its support of lean muscle tone and glutathione; and its thermogenic support is the way to go! The Soy Lecithin that I add to the WheyBeyond and WheySmart formulations is also referred to as Phosphatidylcholine. The role of this small inclusion of lipid (fatty substance) is to support dissolving of the powdered beverage mix into liquid. It helps it transition the powder into solution and helps create better ‘mouth feel’ for the liquid beverage. 

Soy lecithin is not a protein. Lecithin also supports liver and cardiovascular health and has been shown to support cognitive health. Have a look at the quantity of health-promoting lecithin included in these two whey-based products we are referring to. Soy lecithin is included in a quantity of about 300 mg per serving (Milligrams!). The protein content on the other hand from whey is 15,000.0 mg (or 15.0 grams) in a serving size of 20,000.0 mg (20.0 grams) of WHEYBeyond, for example. Typical soy protein sources can deliver 15-20 grams of soy protein in them- even as much as 30 grams per serving. 

Ocean Avenue nutritional products do not contain soy protein!!! The reason is simple. I believe in maintaining optimal muscle tone as a metabolically active tissue that helps ‘burn’ or use calories and support general health. Optimal muscle tone depends on high biological value protein for efficient recovery and maintenance, especially if one is physically active. Soy protein is amongst the LOW biological value protein sources with a less preferred amino acid profile for lean muscle and connective tissue support and the thyroid and other endocrine implications just make it a non-fit for fitness objectives. 

In the Ocean Avenue WheyBeyond and WheySmart, we use the high Biological Whey as the main protein source – BV almost twice that of soy- meaning it has almost twice the capacity to help restore lean tissues including muscle, tendons, ligaments and even bone. Soy is not the primary or preferred source of protein used by elite athletes. And this is not because of the science but mainly because most elite athletes are in intimate tune with their bodies and the results they experience; or the lack thereof when it comes to prolific soy use directs them to the source that works best. 

To make it clear....the lecithin inclusion in WheyBeyond is primarily in as a phospholipid source; and included in just 300 mg qty per 20 gram serving.......... insignificant as a nutritional fat source.... but significant enough to support PC -phosphatidylcholine- supply for liver, cognitive and cardiovascular health; and a natural way to optimize texture of the beverage. 

We are always looking to avoid artificial flavours, artificial sweeteners and any other common artificial texturizing and preserving chemicals. You will note that our flavours, colours and sweeteners are ALL Natural. Lecithin is simply another of our clever natural healthy ways to help make the beverage delicious and 100% natural...!!!....while contributing to health with our Ocean Avenue products through yet another way! Consuming WHEYBeyond and / or WHEYSmart two times daily will help turn your body into a FAT BUSTING lean machine. 

Get with the program... The TRIM4Life program! 

Yours in Health,

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