Gratitude Journal: January 14, 2013

Until I can build my dream house with my white kitchen and all sorts of other goodies, we are opting to refinance.  This is partly because interest rates are ridiculously low, and also because the amount that we are going to be able to save will cover the reduction in salary due to the so called averted fiscal cliff.  Fantastic how that happens.  Today we drove to the far reaches of the valley to drop off our two-inch-thick paperwork (and my firstborn) in order to get the process going.  It is amazing the paperwork required for this stuff.  Lesson learned:  Always keep whatever paperwork you need to refinance or get a mortgage updated.

1 - A great interview with Amy Walker, President and Founder of A Celebration of Real Beauty on my radio show Two Girls Who Talk About Stuff.

2 - I did Les Mills Combat 45 and am still alive.

3 - I watched First Freedom with my son and love that he is getting as obsessed with history as I am.

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