Gratitude Journal: January 28, 2013

I'm still pondering what Marianne Williamson said over the weekend.  I have started reading her new book, which was the basis for her discussion with us.  I loved this part where she quoted (sort of) her own quote.  It was hilarious.  More than that, though, I am pondering the gifts that I received by just meeting so many incredible people. 

1 - I am grateful that I woke up this morning and my legs were fully functional and not too swollen after a full week of being on them running around.  This is the fastest they have healed after something major like this.

2 - I am grateful that I was able to snuggle up with my kids for school and reading.  I missed my morning routine!

3 - I am grateful that when I need to learn how to do something in Infusionsoft, the mega-system that runs The WIN, I either have a download of information that just comes to me, or I am able to get help from people who are willing.  It's how I know I am doing the right thing. :)

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