Ocean Avenue Testimonials: Post Back Surgery

Ocean Avenue Empower Testimonials:  Back Surgery

I don't have back issues usually, but I know many people who do.  Today I heard of some amazing testimonials about how Ocean Avenue Empower is really helping people who have had back surgery and other spinal issues.  I just wanted to share them!  

Testimonial: I have had two back surgeries and live with 5 herniated discs. I was used to a certain amount of pain and especially after the gym. Since using Empower not only has the pain subsided to near Zero. I have better mobility in my back!!! - Penny T.

Testimonial: I have degenerative disc disease, bulging disc and a bulging disc and have seen back surgeon and he won't do surgery. I started Empower in December and I have ZERO back pain. I started doing squats again and no back pain! It's great stuff! - Melissa B.

Testimonial: I had a spinal fusion done a year ago but still have had some pain. I have been on Empower since December and can function daily without pain! I also got in a car wreck 2 weeks ago and got whip lash bad. The doc said i would be laid up in bed for several days. I took my Empower as usual and was up the next day with NO PAIN!!! I have not had to take one pain pill at all!! This stuff is amazing!! - Misti Q. 

Testimonial: I have scoliosis and had a lower back injury 15 yrs ago. I have had years of PT and had been going to the chiro weekly until after 2 weeks on Empower. I still go for periodic adjustments but no longer have lower back pain. I feel like I did in my 20s! - Lorene B.

Try out Empower and see if it works for you! 

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