Gratitude Journal: February 16-28, 2013

Brothers from another mother.  

Back in my single days in Virginia I was very entrenched in the LDS Institute Program.  It is a continuing education program for young adults, ages 18-30.  Because I didn't have family in Virginia, the friends I made became my family.  Literally!  We were together weekly, had Sunday dinner, traveled together, and worked through life's problems.  Fast forward 15 years later and many of us now live on the Western side of the country.  I moved to Utah, Ben (left) is in California, Rob (middle) is in Northern California, and Oliver (right) is in Washington.  

The stars aligned and we all ended up at Disneyland last week.  The first time since probably New Year's Eve 2000 that we have all been together.  

I have been extremely fortunate in my friendships throughout the years.  I am a people person and I love having friends all over that I know well.  This past week reminded me of how blessed I am to know some of the best people out there!

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