Train Like an Athlete...Or a Yogi

When I was growing up I was a soccer player from 3rd - 8th grade.  Then I was a cheerleader through high school.  In college I hopped on board with the step-aerobics phase ala Cher Fitness.  I added Taebo to my library during the Virginia years, and that lasted for quite a while.  Then I started my Beachbody run with P90X in 2009 after a few years of treadmill glory.  I graduated to Turbofire and Les Mills Pump and most recently Les Mills Combat.  Other than a 5 month stint of morning yoga with Desiree, my workouts are usually intense.

And then I turned 40.  My body started laughing at me when I tried to do workouts that a few weeks earlier were fine.  It's a mental game - I told myself.  This past year has been quite the transformation for me mentally anyway, but my whole perspective has changed on what is good for me NOW.  And by now I mean the middle aged years.  I can own that I am in the middle ages of my life.  

Over the past few weeks I have had two very distinct impressions about my health.  I am not an intuitive person when it comes to health and wellness and healing.  I'm more of a charge right through it type of person.  My intuition kicks in when I am networking and connecting people.  I actually remember names and faces and skillsets.  So when I was talking with Carolyn Cooper a few weeks ago and she said, "Have you ever been plant-based?" it was a jolt to my system.  Well yes, I actually HAVE.  Not 100%, but I did spend six solid months at 90% plant based and 10% cheese on pizza or whey in protein shakes.  And I felt GREAT.  Then another woman suggested that I incorporate more yoga to help me shift from warrior into a slower pace where I can focus.  Plant based and yoga for my visionary warrior personality.  Go figure.

The crazy thing is that I have never combined them, even though I have incorporated both into my life.  After a few days of thought I decided that it just might be the time to take the next few months doing both and see what happens.  I like to experiment with these things.  Keeps life interesting. 

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