Ocean Avenue Products Boost Glutathione Levels

Ocean Avenue Products Boost Gluthione Levels

Glutathione is considered The Master Antioxidant by several doctors, including Dr. Oz and Dr. Mark Hyman. This video is on the long side, but Dr. Mark Hyman talked about glutathione in 2007!

Your body produces its own glutathione, but all of the stress and toxins deplete our glutathione levels, which leads us susceptible to disease. Dr. Hyman found that glutathione deficiency contributed to almost all diseases that his patients have had over the years.

Guess what Ocean Avenue WheySmart and WheyBeyond do? They boost glutathione levels! Franco Cavaleri wrote an article about it in 2011 - a full year and a half before Ocean Avenue started. http://www.biologicnr.com/the-king-of-antioxidants-glutathione-blasts-the-bad-guys/

THAT is what makes the biggest difference about WheySmart versus a generic protein powder that you would buy at Walmart. If you were to just use a glutathione supplement, you would be paying anywhere from $20-50, and then there is a concern about bioavailability. Franco has discussed that the ingredients in WheySmart and WheyBeyond are highly bioavailable - meaning your body is actually getting the nutrients.

The other way to boost glutathione levels is to eat a lot of cruciferous vegetables - broccoli, cauliflower, etc. Dr. Hyman talks about how if you use whey to boost glutathione levels, you have to use undenatured whey, which IS the whey in WheySmart.

I hope this answers some questions about...why Ocean Avenue?

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