Become an Ocean Avenue Wholesale Customer

Become an Ocean Avenue Wholesale Customer

In case you didn't know - you CAN sign up as a Wholesale customer of Ocean Avenue for free! This is for those of you who aren't interested in building a team, but still want to get the products and the vacation points. You can also RESELL the Ocean Avenue Products and get yours for free! Here's how you do it:

1. Go to my Ocean Avenue website. 
2. Sign up through their website under "Enroll".  Choose your country.  Right now you can sign up in the United States, Canada, Indonesia, Vietnam and Singapore.  More countries are opening soon!
3. Choose Wholesale Customer Enrollment.
4. Pick your initial Ocean Avenue product.
5. Sign up for the autoship product.
6. Fill everything else out and voila! You are done!

Right Now is a Great Time to Join Ocean Avenue!

It is a fantastic time to join Ocean Avenue.  Why?  Because after 9 months the company is continuing to double every month!  We are close to the official launch of Ocean Avenue, which will take place in Orlando, Florida in September.  I have had such an incredible experience with this company.  I have been in multi-level marketing companies before, and have NEVER had the kind of support and encouragement that I have had with Ocean Avenue.  The products are fantastic, and with the new 2 Minute Miracle joining the Ocean Avenue Product line (after 9 years of being a best seller on HSN), I am looking forward to many years of hanging out with these amazing people!

I am gearing up to combine Ocean Avenue Products and Turbo Fire and will keep you posted on the results!

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