When Opportunity Knocks a Few Times a Week

When Opportunity Knocks a Few Times a Week

I am one of those people who seems to know people.  It's just something I was born with, due in large part to two extroverted grandmothers.  My parents are not naturally extroverted, nor is most of my immediate family (or in-laws).  However, migrate over to my cousins and you have some pretty loud and boisterous people.  In other words - it is hit and miss.  I have just always been natural at networking with people, remembering what they do, and connecting them with other people that need something to be done.  It's a gift, and like all gifts, it can be overwhelming. 

For the past few years I have sunk a great deal of time and energy (and money) into my education.  By that I mean I have gone through several training programs in different areas of technology, marketing, sales, health, finance, etc.  As a result, my network has grown exponentially.  Currently it is still manageable, but getting to the point where the connections I am making are not personal connections, but friend of a friend connections.  It doesn't matter - not a week goes by that I don't have someone approach me with a job, an offer, an opportunity, a request, or a need.  It is what drives me in business, and it also drives me crazy.  

Right now I am at my max.  I literally cannot work with any other clients or companies because there aren't enough hours in the day.  It is lovely having options and I love the people I am working with right now.  It also puts me in a position where I have to say no more often than I would like.  

My point is - invest in yourself.  If you want more opportunities in life, go out and learn stuff.  There are massive educational resources available.  In fact, one of the companies I am working for is building out an incredible educational platform that will be extremely beneficial to people around the world.  Don't wait for opportunity to come to you.  Do all you can to be available and in the right place when opportunity knocks!  What I know is that people always will need what you are willing to learn.  So go create the ability to be the solution!

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