What is Social Marketing? Meet Modere

Want a discount on Modere?  Use the Promo Code:  642265

What is Social Marketing?  Meet Modere

I'm always accused of being a promoter.  Yup, I am.  It's because I find stuff I like and then I tell people about it.  Modere gets that.  And what they get more, is people are their greatest asset.  So Modere created a couple of ways to play.  The first one is to just be a customer.  But as a customer, when you share Modere's code, you get credit for products.  Perfect if you like the product.  I got a swag bag of products from Modere to try and LOVED the product.  

Why did I love it?

1.  The look.  It's simple, clean, and trendy.  And it doesn't have a lot of flowery stuff on it.  It also smells good.  Well, not the fragrance free stuff, but I love the shampoo, conditioner, and laundry detergent.

2.  The products.  I love that these are things I already use.  I love that they have an app with a scanner so that when I see I am running out of something I can just scan the bar with my phone and it sends it on its merry way.  

3.  The People.  I got to meet the brains behind Modere this week and see their vision.  This isn't a new start-up.  It's a new brand.  And I love that instead of just building a network marketing company, they have created a way for social people to benefit from sharing cool stuff. 

So check out Modere.  Non-toxic household goods that are non-toxic and look cool in your house.  And use the promo code:  642265

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