Join Me for the Making Money From Home Summit!

I am so honored to join 20 other incredible women in business for the Making Money From Home Summit!

Women, especially moms, tend to struggle in business.  They get excited about a great idea they have for serving other people and then get hung up trying to figure out how to get their business off the ground.  

·         They struggle with all the information that’s out there and trying to figure out what works and what is just hype. 

·         They struggle feeling like they need to have “permission” to invest in themselves and their dreams. 

·         They struggle with finding the time they need to pursue their dream because they are so busy taking care of everyone else.

Does any of that sound familiar?  Well, this is typical of women who feel pulled to make a difference and build a business.

Then how have some women been able to build a successful, fulfilling business AND have the freedom to travel and play with their families?

Well, my friend, Carol Lamoreaux, wondered the same thing.  So she decided to gather together several women who have built their dream business and chat with them to find out their secrets.  And she asked a few of of them to join her!

She put together an online event called the Making Money From Home Summit and it’s completely FREE!  In these interviews you’ll learn 

·         How to get things done.

·         How to keep the important things important.

·         How to go big and be your authentic self and just go for it!

·         How to keep yourself on track.

·         Why you NEED to take care of you first!

After you sign up you'll get an email each day with a link to an interview with one of the fascinating experts. Each interview is about 30 minutes long so it's easy to fit into your schedule.  And, each expert has graciously offered a free gift for you as well!

If your schedule gets crazy some days, you’ll also have access to the recordings too!

Reserve your seat here Now!

I am so excited to share these experts and their knowledge & experience with you!  We know it will help propel you forward in your business!  

We get started on July 21st!

P.S.  All you need is the right information from those who have done it before.  This summit is loaded with tips & strategies that really work!

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