Day 2 - Waking Up In Western Kenya and Going to Church

Waking up in Western Kenya on the first day brought a choir competition between roosters and cows. I remember looking up and smiling at the window. Then I looked out the window and saw monkeys running around. I could hear my friends talking out the window, so I knew that I needed to get up and moving, but it was so peaceful that I remember just lying there for a few minutes in awe that I was finally there.
After getting ready, I wandered downstairs to the grass pavilion where we ate all of our meals. There is something about fresh air and mangoes that makes my heart skip a beat. It was Sunday. We had decided to go to church at the Anglican church on the grounds where we were staying. We could already hear music coming from the open doors, being played by E-ssah, who would later get certified as an Ideal LifeVision Coach.

David, Moses and E-ssah playing the keyboard

Children showing us their Bible
This adorable little girl kept turning around and smiling at me.
David singing while Moses plays the keyboard and the rest of us turn into Paparazzi
Babies and children are silent, calm and respectful at church in Kenya. Every church. It's amazing!

The choir sounded like angels had come down from Heaven to sing to us. I couldn't stop recording on my phone so that I could listen to it later. Absolutely beautiful! We stayed for about an hour during the service, and then they introduced us and we had to go to visit some families that we work with during our stay in Western. It was a wonderful beginning to our trip!

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