EarthWell Festival

A friend of mine let me know about the EarthWell Festival in Park City, UT on Saturday, September 11th. What a great way to spend 9/11 - learning how to live a life of sustainability! Some neighbors and I have been discussing ways to reduce the amount of trash we throw out. One way is to create your own compost and I would like to learn more about that considering I spent probably $100 on compost back in May.

There are several classes that look interesting, including how to grow a garden year round. I live in a cold and windy climate with quite a bit of snow, so being able to grow something year round would be an amazing feat! I am also interested in Green Building, in case we decide to do a custom build somewhere down the road.

Children under 12 are free. I think this is a great way to educate kids about what they will need to do in the future. It might get kids excited about recycling and eating vegetables. I know my kids have been more excited watching our little garden grow. Check it out!

EarthWell Festival
Saturday, September 11, 2010
Park City, UT

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