Fresh in the City

My neighbor is allergic to a lot of things, but the biggest challenge for her is her corn allergy. Did you know that some form of corn is in everything? And I do mean everything. Check the label and you will see High Fructose Corn Syrup or just corn syrup in most packaged foods. If they don't use corn, they use soy, which she is allergic to as well. Don't even start with the nuts!

Stop and imagine, if you will, how difficult it is for her to go out to eat and have a simple meal. No matter where she goes, she runs the risk of having an allergic reaction. I asked her the other day, "Are there any restaurants you can go to?" The funny thing was that her answer was "Olive Garden, J. Wong's, and Subway." I have been to Olive Garden and J. Wong's with her, so had I stopped and actually thought about my question, I would have known that. Three restaurants where she feels safe. Try that out.

As a result, she mainly stays home and cooks from scratch. And by scratch I mean organic and local. I have tried many things she has made, mostly sweets, because it would be weird if she came over and offered me a bison burger. She is an excellent cook, a creative cook, and I wish I could just eat dinner at her house every night.

Fresh in the City
is her foodie blog. She is still playing around with it, but has some recipes posted that I am trying this week. My goal is to just copy whatever she does...about a week later.

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