You did it! Awesome! You all win the marketing medal of honor. :)

Six more days until the September Wellnes giveaway. I will announce the lucky winner on Wednesday, September 15th because that is my baby sister's birthday and the date that I was supposed to be induced to have my firstborn. It happened 10 days sooner, but should be celebrated anyway. Then my sister and my son would have had the same birthday and since my daughter and I have the same birthday how cool would that have been? Except it didn't happen. Sorry.

And if you are into Giveaways, check out these! They have been blogging longer and are way more popular than I am, but I am just happy to know her IN REAL LIFE. Or be related to her as is the case with Kacy. I can't help it, I'm a name dropper. You can blame it on Junior High and of the stuff that goes along with that. But that is another story.

Utah Deal Diva Giveaway - ends soon!
Kacy and something about cereal - or whatever

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