How Diet Soda Causes Weight Gain

About six weeks ago I stopped drinking Diet Coke. I did this because I wanted to see if it would help my edema in the long run if I stop. I don't drink juice and I rarely (if ever) drink milk. My beverage of choice is now water and pretty much only water. It's boring, but, whatever. Now I can put my lemon oil in it.

Then my friend posted this on Facebook. As my eyes got bigger with understanding, I thought, "Woah - I'm six weeks ahead of the game!" So, my goal is to stay off Diet Coke. I'm not saying that I am giving up much else at the moment. Maybe this year it will be Diet Coke and next year it will be, say, venison. That should be easy since I rarely (if ever) eat venison. I have to take these things slowly.

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