The Big Red Barn

I have not yet had the chance to go check out The Red Barn, but am planning on doing so soon! What a great place! I love local produce. I grew up coming to Utah during the summers and my step-mom always had a huge garden. We had raspberries and strawberries in the front yard, peas, corn, green beans, and probably everything else you can grow in the back. I miss those days, and definitely didn't appreciate them! I wish I had a huge growing area out back like we did in that house.

Right now in stock they have peaches and apples. And we just happened to get a giant 23 qt pressure canner over the weekend. Which means I am itching to process some produce. And chicken, but that will be another post. I want to make homemade applesauce for my kids this winter. So now is the best time to learn. I might recruit my next door neighbor, affectionately referred to as "Betty", to join in the fun. But first, I will be checking out The Red Barn and will let you know how that goes!

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