Our New Baby

Last year when my enthusiasm started for canning stuff, I got all ambitious about getting a pressure canner. Then I spent a whole day canning salsa and Grandma Earl's Chili Sauce (and it was hot) and my ambition was reduced by about 50%. Then I asked my step-mom what size canner to get and when I said, "23 qt?" with enthusiasm she said, "Sure, and then you could use it as a guest bedroom, too."

Well, the winter months set in and suddenly I didn't think about canning so much and was more focused on staying warm (which is when you should can stuff because it heats up the kitchen) and Rachel taught me how to do salsa without needing a canner. In short, I had A.D.O.S. (Attention Deficit...Ohh! Shiny!) and that was that.

And then...

Last week my husband came home with the announcement that he had been awarded 100 more points at work. They have a points system where bosses can randomly award points that can be redeemed for various things. And guess what one of those various things happened to be? Suddenly A.D.O.S. kicked back in and the canning angels started singing to me and I didn't care how big it was because I wanted one.

Now before you say, "Woah, Heidi. Weren't those your husband's points? Shouldn't he be able to choose his reward for all of that hard work?", I have to say that I asked him several times if he wanted something else and he assured me that other than some angle finder thing (whatever) there wasn't anything he was that interested in. So we got it. And the Aebleskiver because he had more points. And another thing that I can't mention because it's for Christmas.

Right now, my shiny new toy is sitting in storage, waiting for a killer chicken sale at Buy Low. Any minute now, I will invite Betty over and we will chop chicken (no high heels, but definitely lipstick) and gossip and process and have ready made chicken meals throughout the winter. I can't wait.

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  1. I'm watching the papers Diane....there hasn't been a good sale in at least 2-3 months so it should be coming up soon!