What's Cookin' Chicago?

I always hate it when my husband goes food blog exploring. He always finds these things about 20 seconds after I have resolved to start another diet. So even though his original find on What's Cookin' Chicago? was for a Cobb Salad...well, really? They aren't diet material.

But, as we all know, a good Cobb Salad leads to baked shrimp scampi, which leads to bacon pancakes, which leads to...for the love...bacon pancakes? (I hear you, Carly - loud and clear!) I should make this Cobb Salad. I even have some blue cheese from The Cheese Ambassador that I could use!

I dare you to look around this website for more than five minutes and not gain 10 lbs, but, do it anyway. After all, they don't call it Taste of Chicago for nothing.

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