This is the Place Park

Every once in a while I will be too busy to review a book (because I won't have read one) or movie (because my husband needs to take me on a date - not a hint, a total guilt trip). This week is one of those occasions. When this happens, I will tell you about a cool place in Utah that you can see when you come to visit.

Have you ever been to This is the Place Park? We had the chance to go over the summer with some good friends of ours who were visiting from Virginia. My problem with it is that I have only ever been during the summer, and it's HOT there during the summer. But, then I think about how the Pioneers had to trek across the plains in the hot summer in those horrible unflattering dresses and bonnets and it seems fitting that I should be there suffering for a few hours in their honor. My great-great-great grandfather was one of the original pioneers that wandered into the Great Salt Lake Valley with Brigham Young and his name is engraved on the statue. It's a way to pay tribute to the fact that I am a sixth generation Mormon, descended from people much stronger than I am.

Sylvester Henry Earl - I should have named a kid Sylvester

This year, I am determined to go in the Fall when the weather is nice and the leaves are changing. Like maybe we will take our kids to the Haunted Village this Halloween or the Candlelight Christmas.

Did you know you can have birthday parties there? And a train on wheels rides around the whole place. There are different crafts for kids and they can learn all about what kids did 150 years ago. That'll make them grateful for their Wii and DS if nothing else will.

So go check it out this year. It's right across from the Hogle Zoo (where you probably HAVE been) and is open year round.

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