Goodwood BBQ

This week I checked out Goodwood BBQ in Draper.  I went for a business meeting that turned into a hilarious conversation about our collective children and their antics.  I love those kinds of meetings!  Another hilarious thing is that my business partners both wore pastels that matched (which happens a lot, oddly enough) and one of the people we met with matched them.  It could have been a fun family picture.  Where was I?  Oh yes!  Goodwood.

I have wanted to try this place out for a while, and I think my husband and I once thought about going there on a date and then for some reason we didn't.  So I was excited to finally see what the food was like.  I decided on the Toss and Turn Chicken Salad because it looked yummy, and it WAS.  Like crazy yummy.  I was almost embarrassed because I was wolfing down that sucker.  I could definitely go for that again.  In a nutshell - this is a somewhat upscale (food, not ambience) bbq joint.  There is a wide variety on the menu for your collective enjoyment (salads for the ladies, meat for the men - just keepin' it real).  The portions are not too huge, although we were there for lunch so who knows what they do for dinner.  Why is that?  Why are dinner portions so much bigger when we are supposed to eat less at dinner?  That should be explored one of these days.

Try it out and let me know your thoughts.  The total bill for five people was around $50 so that should give you an idea of the prices.  Not too shabby!

Update 11/5/10 - My husband and I went tonight for dinner and the manager was awesome.  There was a 45 minutes wait and we were starving, but he offered the fact that there were two seats at the bar AND gave us a free appetizer.  I noticed that he was giving free appetizers to anyone willing to sit at the bar during the wait.  Then he came over to make sure that we were comfortable and asked if we wanted air turned down or anything.  He introduced himself, shook our hands, etc.  And this was the manager on a busy Friday night!  I'm impressed.  Dave got the Sweet Chicken and loved it and I got the Toss and Turn Chicken Salad again and it was just as good.  We are both stuffed to the gills and happy.

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  1. Dan and I love Goodwood! My fav is their honey mustard crispy chicken salad. Mmmmm..