The Women's Information Network

Have any of you seen this online TV channel?  It's pretty interesting and there is a ton of information on it.  I first went a few weeks ago looking for my cousin's cousin's wife's channel (how's that for confusing) on Marital Intimacy.  I knew her in college and like to keep track of what she is doing.  Then I went to look for Marci Lock's stuff because she is my virtual health coach right now (she doesn't know this) and so I try to watch something daily for a few minutes because I find her inspiring. Most recently I found one of my other virtual coaches, Heather Madder

You can look at the different shows by topic on the Channel page, and there is a wide enough variety that you should be able to find something that interests you.  Someday I want to be on here sharing my Soul Purpose with the world (I guess I need to find someone that knows how to do A/V stuff, or get a Flip Cam).  Until that happens, I find it an uplifting way to spend my "TV Time" since I have given up on most other shows out there these days. 

Let me know what you think!

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