Leading a Life with Purpose

What I have learned in the past 72 hours has absolutely rocked my world.  I am a deep down to the core different person and I have never felt this on fire before in my life (or tired).  I feel like I have been in a deep sleep as to my soul purpose, and I actually consider myself a relatively enlightened person!  What has astonished me is the process I have started to completely identify myself right down to my core.  I have always explored the "Who Am I?" question, but now I have the answers.  It is absolutely liberating.  And the best part is that my rock solid testimony in God and Jesus Christ and the Plan of Salvation is actually stronger, even though there has been nothing related to my religion in this conference.  Nothing.  Zip.

Warning:  I might get a little bit scary.  Scarier.

I also learned the fundamental difference between prayer and meditation and why each is so important, and why one should not exist without the other.  I have learned that I am a Visionary Warrior, and not a Healer or Oracle.  I have learned what that knowledge means to my Soul Purpose.  By Soul Purpose I mean the absolute knowledge of why I was put on this earth, who I am supposed to help, what problems I am supposed to solve with my unique gifts and talents, and how I am supposed to do it.  Can you imagine that kind of clarity?   

Complete and utter peace.

Imagine the impact that each woman could make on their world, if they knew that.  I have been snoozing for a long time.  But I am awake...just in time.

For even the smallest glimpse of what I have experienced, check out this post by one of my new coaches, Heather Madder.  You don't serve the world by living small.  Get in the GAME!

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  1. I love reading your blog. You are an quite an inspirational woman.