You Again!

You Again!

Reviewer's Grade: A

What a fun movie!  I mean, a little predictable, but fun and funny and clean.  I laughed a lot, laughed hard, and thought it was an excellent cast, from Jamie Lee Curtis to Kristen Chenowith.  I went to see this movie with the "girls" in the 'hood, and the general consensus was thumbs up.  At least I think it was.  

The great thing about this movie is that it is a perfect movie to show teenage girls going through something similar.  Everyone in high school is pretty ridiculous and no one I know turned out to be the same way 20 years later.  Okay, that may not be totally true, but at least people tend to be nicer.  I would have had the same feeling about some of the girls in junior high versus high school.  But, don't analyze it.  If you are female you will like it and if you are male and knew crazy girls in high school you will probably find it amusing.  

One thing - very over Betty White.  I get the whole comeback thing, but I am hating all over her comeback characters.

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