My Very Own Pizza Man

In honor of our 8th Anniversary this week, I want to honor the man in my life.  Meet the man that puts up with me day in and day out and usually just smiles and shakes his head over my antics.  This is Dave.  (Say hi, Dave.)  I met Dave on a sunny day in May 8 years ago.  He helped me move.  He was wearing jeans and a gray t-shirt and cracked really stupid jokes that made me laugh.  Along with making me laugh, he inspired me to take him clothes shopping.  I'm no fashionista, but looking at all of the gray in his wardrobe was downright depressing.  We went shopping and he bought everything I told him to AND a Hawaiian shirt to wear to a party that night.  He had me at the Hawaiian shirt (which he wore that night with hiking boots - you can't win them all!)

When I met Dave he spent the majority of his free time messing around in his MAC, unless he was helping helpless single women move.  He had two laundry baskets - one for dirty clothes and one for clean clothes.  His closet was full of empty hangers.  He only knew how to cook because eDiets was telling him how.  I think he owned a basic toolbox.  

We spent a lot of time Instant Messaging each other, and I asked him a lot of deep and probing questions.  I had read a book called 1,000 Questions for Couples, and while were technically weren't a couple yet, he was game to answer some of the questions.  I remember clearly one question I asked, "Should decisions be made with logic or emotion?"  He said, "That depends.  If the decision is involving people, you should consider the emotions.  If it isn't, logic is fine."  What a rockstar.  I married him on the spot.  

Not really - it took a few weeks and his best friend calling him a dolt for him to realize that I was THE ONE.

Since getting married, Dave has discovered hobbies and interests that didn't show up when we were dating.  For example, he now has really cool power tools.  He has installed raised panel moulding all over the house.  He helped his wood-working brother create a built in entertainment center in our basement.  He has a huge list of "must builds" from me.  He also has become a bread-baker.  In a quest to use our actual food storage, he asked his mom to teach him to bake homemade bread.  From there, he bought books on bread-baking.  He watches YouTube videos on bread baking.  We have had so many different types of bread being baked in this house that it is surprising that our house doesn't smell like a bakery.  He also has tried out 87 different kinds of pizza dough recipes.  Every Saturday we have homemade pizza.  I've pretty much stopped cooking altogether.  

I once had a friend tell me that the most frustrating thing about dating, was that the guys she met didn't know how to "do" things.  I have since realized that most guys don't do things unless they decide they want to do them and then they show up in full force.  I love Dave's hobbies and encourage him by buying power tools and wheat.  My friends and neighbors love Dave's hobbies because they have been on the receiving end of bread and homemade pizza.  At the same time, Dave kicks me out the door regularly, knowing that I get energy from nights out with friends, starting my own business, and always being on the go.  

I am so blessed and so grateful that he helped me move.  I am grateful that I have had the chance to learn about my husband over the past 8 years, and that his gifts have served our family.  I am grateful that I said yes and that he asked!  I love him more than I can say in a blogpost, and I am looking forward to an Eternity spent with him.

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