Sharing the Love - First Sunday Gratitude

Over the past month I have been influenced by many, and feel like my life is different and changed for the better in so many ways.  I feel that it is important to thank those people, who are spending their lives serving others and sharing their love, faith, time and energy with me.  This isn't a comprehensive list - just the people who came to my mind.
My mom (she doesn't have a website, however, I am working on that)
Nicole Harris (she doesn't have a website, either, that I know of)
Rebecca Heugly (she's working on a website and will rock the world!)
Jay and Shauna Carlton
Tim Esau
Bob and Donna Erwin
Morgan and Amy Brown
Glenda Lee

and, as bestie, Loree Rominger.

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  1. This isn't a comment on this particular post. Just wanted to tell you that something you said has helped me -- you know how sometimes it's just a little thing? I've been trying for years to exercise consistently, but with five kids it's just darn hard to work in an hour, right? One day you mentioned that you do twenty minutes but do it every day. Why hadn't I thought of that? It's so much easier to find the time and the motivation to do 20 minutes, and I'm doing it way more often. Thanks for saying something which probably wasn't even the point of your post, but which really made a difference for me. We never know, do we?