One More Day for the OnGuard Giveaway!

I will pick the 10 winners (and since there look to be about 10 comments, lucky you!) on Tuesday, October 12th at around noon.  I'm excited for you to try it out!  If you like it, please talk to five other friends about it and I will send them samples as well.  Also, please tell me about any experiences you have with them.

After spending three days in a conference room with about 150 people, I was really paranoid about getting sick.  I encountered a lot of sneezers and coughers.  In order to combat it, I put OnGuard on my throat every day around noon, and put it on my feet in the morning to get into my blood stream.  So far so good.  In the past, if I were in a situation like this I would have definitely gotten a cold.  I also tried the combo of peppermint under the nose and OnGuard on the throat for a friend of mine at church who had a bad cold on Sunday.  She called me that night wanting to know how fast she could buy them.  Apparently it helped a great deal!

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