I've been thinking lately, about what is important to me (if you haven't noticed).  And in order, it is God, Family, Friends, and Peppermint.  Let me describe my day to you from the perspective of Peppermint.  I wake up in the morning now around 5:30am.  I groan.  Then I put peppermint on my forehead and under my nose and inhale deeply.  This wakes me up in about 2.6 seconds.  Much faster than Diet Coke ever did (sorry if that is how you wake up).  After that I literally bounce out of bed.  That could be because Dave rolls over to groan and it literally bounces me OFF the bed.  Or not - you choose.

After my brisk something or other of exercise, I meditate, pray, and then get in the shower.  Around mid-morning I start to yawn and grab...my peppermint.  Around mid-afternoon I yawn some more and grab...my peppermint!  See - where once I was addicted to Diet Coke, I am now addicted to peppermint.  In fact, while writing this I am basking in the aroma of peppermint, dreaming of peppermint brownies.  I may be off Diet Coke, but truly going off sugar has totally eluded me.  And the beauty of THIS peppermint is that it CAN be used in brownies.  It's a peppermint miracle.  

It also helps with headaches, and my friend said the other day she put it down her son's spine when he had a fever and it broke the fever within an hour.  If you have nausea, peppermint's your...girl?  I am not sure if it has a gender.  Sinus issues - bring it on!  Or actually, apply it on!  And my absolutely favorite - put some on each fingertip and then rub your fingertips together and then massage your head.  Peppermint nirvana.

And guess where you can get it?!  Guess?!  
Heidi's Yummy Peppermint Nirvana Website

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  1. Do I see a peppermint snowman in your future? Perillyl alcohol is a phytonutrient called a monoterpene, and it is plentiful in peppermint oil, did you know? In animal studies, this phytonutrient has been shown to stop the growth of pancreatic, mammary, and liver tumors and it has also been shown to protect against cancer formation in the colon, skin, and lungs. So go for it and peppermint away!