Tonight for my mom's "Grandladies" group I taught a class on the four personalities that I am writing about for the Parenting Club.  There were moments that I went into a flow, and moments I went into a rant.  After the class I stayed to help a couple of people further process their experience.  What I learned from it...what MY experience was...is that I need to ask the ShapeShifters in my life to help me better activate the Healer in me.  I will discuss ShapeShifters at some point, but a couple of you may know what I mean.  

What I also learned is that I have a gift that can be used for good.  A gift that can empower others.  However, that gift has an opposite and can be used to really hurt people that I love.  We all have this in us - the yin/yang of our Spiritual Gifts.  God empowers us to use them for good, and Satan empowers us to use them for evil.  To destroy instead of build.  A very sobering thought.  I am looking forward to exploring that ability in me and allowing it to always build...and learn how to stop it from learning to destroy.   

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