Tomorrow Starts the "Power Hour"

Anyone who knows me knows that I really hate working out in the morning (can I get an amen from Keysha on this?!), but there is this little thing called the "Power Hour" that is part of the Paid to Play Academy (hereafter known as the Academy) and they want me to do this crazy thing every.single.morning.  The Power Hour looks like this:

Wake up and brush teeth
Body - Workout for 20 minutes
Mind - Meditate for 20 minutes
Spirit - Read/Study for 20 minutes

By doing this every morning, I will begin my gradual ASCENT to rock star status.  In other words, I will begin to find greater clarity regarding my Soul Purpose.  Sounds like a lot of wacky terms, but they aren't and I know that just from the past week of meditation that it does make a difference.  I get so in my meditation groove in the morning after my prayers that it actually sustains me through the day and I yell at my kids less.  True story!  I also see them as more spiritual beings instead of those little creatures put on this earth to drive me crazy.  I feel a lot more love and gratitude for them.  So imagine if I went from the physical to the mental to the spiritual realm on a daily basis.  


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