San Gelato Cafe

Last week my dear friend Trisha and I went to San Gelato Cafe in Daybreak.  I figured any place that had gelato is good enough for me, and read the reviews in Sassy Scoops about it as well.  I had the tuna melt because I am a tuna melt nut (if that is weird, don't tell me). 

The tuna melt came with sweet potato fries.  I LOVE sweet potato fries.  I love them more than any other method of cooking potatoes.  Seriously.  And they just throw them about like they are easy to come by.  All right, I guess sweet potatoes are easy to come by, but really - I love them.

Then we had gelato.  But, first we had to sample the gelato because that was required and we are both on diets.  However, since we are always both on diets, we figured it would be fine to go ahead and get gelato.  This is why, by the way, we are always on diets.

If you need more information on this marvelous place, just go there!  If you can't because you don't live here, well, too bad.  And, if you want to meet for lunch, let's go!

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