What Is Soul Purpose?

I keep talking about Soul Purpose.  What am I talking about?  New Age stuff?  Nope.  Well, for some of you it might seem that way, however, I see it differently.

Soul = who you are.  And I don't mean wife, mother, daughter, aunt, niece, etc.  It's WHO you are, not the ROLE you are currently in.  Who you are at the core.  For example, I am feisty, funny, short-tempered, creative, distracted easily, spiritual, loving, random, chaotic, and inspiring.  And that is just to start.  Can you identify your strengths and "weaknesses" and can you be honest with yourself about them?  Not many people can, but it is a wonderful experience to allow yourself to really think through this.

Purpose = why you are here.  And by here I mean, Earth.  What is it you came here to do/be/see/feel/experience/serve?  Is there a problem or pain residing in others that you can help liberate?  Can you be a teacher to others?  When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.

Soul Purpose = A combination of your passions, abilities, and talents, as well as the very best expression of who you are.  

My Soul Purpose = To liberate mothers and fathers who struggle with parenting, not because they don't love their children, but because they are so worried about "messing up the kids" that they let the kids run them.  They end up resentful, or they end up putting their kids in every extra-curricular activity they can think of so that they don't actually have to deal with them.  I want to empower parents everywhere to learn their personal gifts, passions and talents, and in turn they can help their own children learn their Soul Purpose as well. 

What I love about my Soul Purpose is that it works in harmony with the Soul Purpose of several women that I know.  I don't suffer from depression and wouldn't presume that I could ever speak from that space.  However, I know women who's Soul Purpose is to help other women liberate themselves from the depression that holds them hostage.  

I also know women who have discovered that their Soul Purpose is to help liberate people from the mental blocks that keep them from enjoying a healthy lifestyle at an ideal weight (I definitely need coaching in this area!)  The beauty of it is that we are all here with gifts and talents to share with others. 

I spent three days solid learning about Soul Purpose in a very intense and powerful environment at the Prosperity Summit. And lucky you, they are doing another one December 2-4th!  And, it's free!  Just put referral code: FREEDOM and put my name down as the person who invited you.  This is a very inspirational summit and I absolutely loved it.  In fact, I am going again as often as I can, for as many sessions as I can in the future.  Do they sell you things?  Sort of, but not really.  There are options with each presenter to work with them as coaches and mentors in the areas of Business, Finance, Real Estate, Fitness, etc.  There is no specific product being sold. 

If there is any way for you to attend, I would highly recommend it.  If you even think you could maybe attend, sign up.  It isn't going to be free forever, and it is selling out fast!

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  1. Thanks for the info Heidi! I'm definitely going to look into the Summit and ....spend the time as you obviously have to figure out my soul purpose.

    I like the idea of virtual mentors - people that WE select to learn from daily even if they haven't selected us. Very cool.