What Kind of Kid Do You Have? The Visionary


When you think about your kid - what comes to mind?  Other than the fact that they just might be a little nutty and they never listen or pick up their socks.  Or string cheese wrappers in my case.  But, beyond that, who are these little creatures that came into your world?  They may or may look like you (mine do) and they may or may not have some of your strange little habits and quirks. 

Because I am primarily a Visionary, I am going to start with that, and go through the four different types of personalities that help to define who we are.  You have probably done the color thing or Meyers-Briggs and quite frankly, I don't have a clue what the colors represent or the letters.  The word Visionary has meaning to me so I will not worry about my color or letter and just stick with that.  If you know my color or letter (Lisa, Mom) then keep that to yourselves since you are most definitely Oracles.  Which I will get to later.  My world is filled with Oracles.

What comes to mind when you think of the word Visionary?  Here is what comes to my mind:
Big Picture, Possibilities, Verbal, Exciting, Expressive, Free-Spirit, Self-Centered, ADD, Random Creation, Creative, Imaginative, Spontaneous, Energetic, Sassy, Idea Creator, Scatterbrained, Spunky, Problem Solver, Artistic, See visions as if they have already happened.  Does this sound like me if you know me?  You can stop nodding so vigorously, Lauren.  

You might notice that I included a few things that can be considered weaknesses, such as Self-Centeredness.  However, in the right context, it can serve a purpose.  Call Self-Centeredness my shadow-self (more on that later...maybe).  

Do you have a kid that sounds like this?  The one that comes up with big ideas and then when you ask them questions about it they have no idea why you need to know the answer to that just yet?  It's because they have no idea about the details of their big idea.  They just know that they came up with it and they think it is AWESOME.  This happens to me, ummm, daily.  It probably drives my oracle husband and mother nuts, but, there is a way to honor the Visionary in your life.  Because the worst thing to do to a visionary child is to squash their dreams and creativity.  If that happens, they turn to addictions - food, drugs, etc.  If they aren't creating they die.  Have you noticed my food addiction?  Yeah - it's there.  So, the best way to honor a visionary is to say, "That sounds like a great idea!  Keep going on that."  That encourages them to keep dreaming and creating without limits.  Because, 74 of that visionaries ideas might completely suck.  But the 75th one might make them a million dollars someday.  

If your child is a visionary, encourage them in that.  Allow them to create.  Give them the room to come up with big ideas.  I promise - they won't care all that much if those ideas are ever implemented.  They just love to create them.  How can you know if you have a visionary?  More on that later.

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  1. Boy, oh, Boy... do I have one of those. Except it's my girl. Describes her to a T.