Cafe Paesan

This week we head South to "the County" where there are plenty of cute little places tucked away here and there.  One of those cute little places is Cafe Paesan.  I have met my cousin for lunch there the past two weeks when I had business down in Utah County, and I have declared it nothing short of spectacular.  Especially because it is cheap.

Their menu is small - not a ton of items, but infinite combinations.  I have gotten the margarita pizza both times, because it is really really really really good.  And I like margarita pizza.  My cousin gets the pork pizza and I tried a piece and it's really really really good.  Their cookies are exceptional, however, please don't tell Dave I know that.  I saw a woman get pasta and I started drooling.  My daughter has gotten the kids' mac n' cheese and actually eats it even though it is homemade and not Kraft.  It's the little things. 

Next time you are on Center Street in Orem, stop by and check it out.  It seems to attract the business lunch crowd along with the MWL Crowd (Moms Who Lunch).  Something for everyone!

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