Reviewer's Grade: C-

Over the weekend my movie buddy and I went to see Hereafter with Matt Damon.  In a nutshell - very slow movie.  Don't go see it at 9:50pm after eating tons of sugar.  I did perk up about 9/10 of the way through the movie, however, when I realized that when Matt Damon is in London in the movie he is staying at the COLUMBIA Hotel!  If you aren't making the connection - look at the picture and think hard about that.  I mean, what are the odds?  Out of all of the hotels in London (and I have only been there once) he stays in the same hotel that my dad, sister and I stayed in.  I wonder if he tried the porridge.

The sad thing about this movie was that it was kind of trying to be a Sixth Sense, but it was so slow that it fell flat.  The other issue is that a good 50% of the movie is in subtitles with the characters speaking French, but it flips back and forth a lot.  I had a hard time with reading the subtitles and not missing the nuances of the characters.  It's definitely not a "see it again and see what you missed" type of movie.  Except I want my dad and sister to see it, of course. 

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