Creating Value

One of the things I am learning over and over again is that in order to get an edge in business, as well as get paid to do what you love, it is important to identify the problems that you are best suited to serve.  For example, my company helps people and companies in the area of employment.  If I am to break that down, then the problem is unemployment, the people are both clients and candidates, and the solution is that I have the skills to introduce them to each other. 

Another area where I see problems are with parenting.  Every parenting book that I have read lately focuses on the behavior of the child.  It rarely (if ever) talks about the mental, physical and spiritual blocks that parents have as people that transfers over to their children.  I don't know what it looks like, yet, but I know that there are solutions out there (or inside me - who knows?!) for parents who follow the advice of parenting books and yet it either doesn't feel natural to them, or it just isn't working.  

Are there problems in the lives of others that cause people to gravitate towards you?  It's an interesting way to think about yourself.  What problem is there out there in the world that you have the natural skills to solve?  That is the first step.  From there - how do you make money doing it?  


One last statement.  Few people care if you put in time and effort.  It's the results that matter.  You can put time and effort into doing your laundry, but if you don't put the laundry away and they sit wrinkled in the basket (like mine are now), you may as well have to do it all over again.  

It's the results that matter.

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