Pizza Night

Dave and I were discussing a new segment to add to Foodie Fights.  This would start in the new year, and every month he would feature a new pizza dough recipe.  We will review what is good/bad/ugly about it.  Our quest over the 12 months would be to find the perfect pizza dough.  I know - tall order when everyone likes it differently - thin crust, thick crust, whole wheat, non-whole wheat, etc.  However, because we have lots of pizza freaks around, we will share it with our neighbors and friends and have them review it as well.  Maybe invite a different family over to try it out once a month with the understanding that they have to review it for us on our blog.  


So then I am also thinking that we will also do a once a month bread recipe.  This would be made from scratch - no bread machine - bread.  Dave is the master (along with one of our neighbors) at bread-baking and having had about 17 different varieties, I can vouch for his skills.  If he makes whole wheat bread, he always grinds it in our nutrimill.  We will post the recipes and maybe even videos and pictures of what the bread looks like.  

And that will be the foodie focus for the next year.  The other weeks will still feature other peoples' blogs and recipes.  If you have a stellar pizza dough recipe that always works for you, send it to me and we will try it out!

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  1. I can't remember if I already shared this with you. I think Dave might be interested:

    We've tried it and it worked quite well. The other alternative that the pizza blogosphere has tried (which I do NOT recommend) is wedging a piece of metal into your oven door's self-cleaning latch to trick the oven into think the door is closed, then turning it on in self-clean mode and using it like a pizza oven. Great way to void the warranty and possibly burn down your house.