How to Honor the Kid You Have

Let's face it - we all knew we would be better parents than our own parents.  Our plan was to do things right.  The reality is that you came into this world with your own blueprint - likes, dislikes, ideas, opinions - and your kids have done the same darn thing!  I know that I was a fabulous parent prior to actually having kids.  My kids were going to be perfect because I was going to train them to be perfect.  How I was going to do this without being perfect myself was irrelevant.

And here I am, over 7 years after having my first child.  He's not perfect, and we seem to be surviving his imperfections.  The more I learn about who he actually IS and let go of who I want him to BE, the more I enjoy being his mother.  So he doesn't keep his room clean?  Neither did I.  Watches too many movies?  I watched the Smurfs - no harm done.  The truth is, I really do like my kid.  He is funny and fun and smiles and giggles and makes people happy.  He's also bossy and demanding and asks a ton of questions. I love him.  I adore him. I try to find just one thing every day to say to him that will count.  One thing like, "I appreciate and admire the fact that you take care of your sister when she is sick."  Those one things will become many things over time.  And some days, I can only manage that one thing.

Whether your child is a Visionary, a Warrior, a Healer, or an Oracle - allow yourself to be open to who they are.  They might just surprise you, since I believe that God gives us these little spirits for a reason.  You just might learn something that is critical to your journey from them!

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