Pure Doubt

I will tell you, and I'm just trying to keep it real, that I struggle a great deal with people who always operate from a place of negativity.  I have friends that I love dearly who are constant complainers, and when they get into complaining mode I have to just stay away for a while so that I don't jump in.  

I can admit that I am a rose-colored-glasses-glass-is-half-full-walking-on-sunshine type of person most of the time.  So if I get into a rant I really tend to dislike myself.  The past few years I have worked hard to live in a happier world because I choose to make it a happier world.  I have seen how my friends who live to complain attract many more things to complain about.  

I equate this with Pure Doubt.  Pure doubt that happiness is attainable right now by choosing to be happy right now.  I am not saying that choosing to be happy on a daily basis is easy, but, it is attainable.  You just gotta let go of the negative stuff, and more importantly, don't SHARE it with everyone you talk to that day.  That is the best way to continue your negative cycle as well as drive everyone nuts around you.  I know - I've been in this cycle.  I dare someone to say that they haven't been.  The problem is, too much of this and you start to doubt your ability to do anything. 

As I said last week, I don't know everything, but there are some things that I can stand in a place of pure certainty.  That is what I choose to focus on, versus coming from a place of negativity and pure doubt.  What are you going to choose today?


  1. Uh oh...am I one of these negative people you are reffering to? This post probably had nothing to do with me but I thought I'd ask-because I know you are unfailingly honest.

    BTW-love these oils!

  2. Of course not, Des! I'm glad you love the oils. It doesn't take much to get addicted!