The Kite Runner

Reviewer's Grade: A-

This past Saturday night we (my husband, mom, brother-in-law, and I) decided that we would watch The Kite Runner. I read the book years ago for book club and wondered how well it would translate.  While I really loved this movie because I really loved the acting, I gave it an A- because the book is still better.  And really - when is a movie better than a book?  Um, never in my experience. 

The summary from

"Based on one of the most acclaimed novels in recent memory, The Kite Runner is a profoundly emotional tale of friendship, family, devastating mistakes, and redeeming love. In a divided country on the verge of war, two childhood friends, Amirand Hassan, are about to be torn apart forever. One boy's fearful act of betrayal will mark their lives forever and set in motion an epic quest for redemption. Now, after 20 years of living in America, Amir returns to a perilous Afghanistan under the Taliban's iron-fisted rule to face the secrets that still haunt him and take one last daring chance to set things right. This universal human story speaks to anyone who has every yearned for a second chance to make a change and find forgiveness."

The beauty of this movie is that it was primarily done with subtitles, which I loved.  It certainly didn't pull any punches about life in Afghanistan.  A cousin of mine went over there for a few months (she visits war-torn countries and builds parks and other things and we all agree she is nuts, but cool of her to do it) who had some whopper stories about life there.  My brother-in-law has served in the military over there a couple of times and he has mentioned it isn't exactly a vacation spot. 

My suggestion is to watch the movie and then read the book.  I prefer doing it in that order because then it feels like the book just expands on the movie.  You will love Amir's father in the movie - like I said, the acting is superb.  This really gives you a small, but scary glimpse of what life is like for the people who live there.


  1. Terry and I listened to this on an audiobook, and found it terribly sad and moving. Not sure I could get him to watch the movie! But I would. Have you read A Thousand Splendid Suns? It will make you cry.

  2. We watched this a few months ago. Rick had read the book, but I had not.

    It was an incredibly moving (though disturbing)story and I couldn't stop thinking about it for days. I don't think I have the constitution to read the book. I might stay home in bed for a week!