India Fusion

A few months ago, my husband and I got a hankerin' for Indian Food.  I ran a search in my area and the closest take-out Indian food is about 20 minutes away.  As ridiculous as that is, we tried and loved India Fusion in South Jordan.  The reason that my links go to CityDeals and not their website, is that on CityDeals you can get a $25 gift card for $13, which makes it pretty cheap to try out.  

We always get their dinner-to-go boxes, with some extra naan.  They have three different curry dishes that you can get to go, and one of them is always chicken tikka, which is my favorite.  Be prepared - the wait is long to get the dinner box, even if there are no customers in the restaurant!  I recommend calling ahead and even then be slow about picking it up.  I think they kill the chicken once you call - it's that slow.  

Don't be fooled - this place is no Bombay House in food quality.  However, it is cheap and good and two dinner boxes basically feeds our family of four. 

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