Sore Throat Be Gone!

Last Friday I started feeling a sore throat coming on.  I don't know about you, but with me a sore throat means a day of raw pain followed by 5-6 days of a head cold.  It ain't pretty, and right now I don't have time to be sick.  I had been out and about in public a lot, and not getting enough sleep, plus waking up at the crack of dawn to do my Power Hour.  It's no wonder that I had picked something up.  

I immediately started putting OnGuard on the outside of my throat, followed by the OnGuard Lozenges every few hours.  I put it on my toothbrush and brushed my teeth with it to kill off germs.  I even drank it to make sure it hit the inside of my throat.  Friday night I wasn't feeling so great, but Saturday it had subsided.  Then Saturday night it showed up a little bit again and I hit it with more OnGuard.  Sunday I stayed home from church and continued with my regimen.  I also put peppermint under my nose to keep my head clear.  Today is Monday and I feel great!  No signs of a sore throat and no head cold under way at all.  I'm continuing to put it on 2-3 times a day just to be on the safe side, however, how cool is that?  I've never had a sore throat that didn't end in a wicked cold - even using Airborne round the clock.  I would say I am sold on this for sure!

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