What Kind of Kid Do You Have? The Warrior

In a large group of kids, you will find you have the fewest Warriors.  You may think that there are many, but there are truly few.  Warriors are a strange and special breed.  They are usually the most challenging kids because of their inability to sit still.  It's not that they have ADHD necessarily - they just hate inactivity.  They also hate waiting for instructions and will usually forge ahead without them.  They are absolutely driven to results.  Many of them go into Sales because they know how to close the deal.  

I am primarily a Visionary with Warrior a close second.  Those of you who know me in real life are nodding your heads, because you have probably been on the receiving end of my intensity at one time or another.  Warriors are often going in a million different directions while trying to get everything done, however, they are also very independent, they meet deadlines, they love challenges, and they are competitive.  They lead by example and they often don't really care if anyone is following them as long as they aren't being held back.  

Warrior children will always test you by coming at you and seeing what you can handle from them.  Warriors and Healers are very much opposites - the same way that Oracles and Visionaries are.  Warriors think that Healers are ridiculously inactive and slow.  Healers think that Warriors are bullies and overbearing.  Last week at Grandladies when I was talking to a friend of mine, who is a shapeshifter, I was coming at her with my Warrior self full force.  She was coming back right at me.  Earlier in the group she had sat with the Healers so during this exchange I said, "If you were a Healer you would NEVER have come back at me like this."  I was trying to show her that she had been putting herself into a place that she wasn't comfortable.  Finally identifying her as a Shapeshifter was somewhat liberating, because it allows her to activate all four aspects of her personality. 

So - how to honor that feisty little Warrior child of yours?  Good luck!  Just kidding.  Warriors do well in competitive sports.  They need constant action and aren't likely to be content watching TV unless it is combative.  One important thing to know about Warriors is that they do not actually think of themselves as confrontational.  It's the other three groups that identify them in that way.  They see themselves as honest and direct, with no intention of hurting anyone.  Your Warrior child would best be served by having things to always do - moving from one task to the next.  They need to change what they are doing daily - they don't like routine at all (unlike the Oracles).  Warrior children love challenges, so the more you challenge them, the greater they will show up.  Be patient with them, and teach them to honor the three other groups by taming their aggressiveness.

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